08 November, 2012

So long.

Dear all gorgeous readers and followers of this softly sane blog. It will be highly unlikely that there are photographic updates on here for a wee while since I don't have a camera anymore. I will be returning in the near future with more photographic wisdom and loveliness, but until then, I wish you only the best! 

Lots of love,

26 February, 2012

lent is time for purification? i don't have time for that

I would like to wake up there.
Knowing that I have time.
I have time to enjoy life.
And not just robotically work and study.
I have time to call my parents.
And not just forget their birthdays.
I have time to have a chat with friends.
And stop organizing catch-ups in few weeks time.
I have time to cook and eat healthy.
And stop forgetting to eat.
I have money. To be crazy.

But until then, I will smile every morning with my alarm clock
and try hard to enjoy life
as it comes.

15 January, 2012

its 2012!

My first ever hot water bottle (the cutest)to keep me warm during cold scottish nights.
I wish every one of you has got some/thing/one to keep you warm, happy and inspired!